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January 15, 2009

DotNetPays — get paid for your work

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I recently (well, a couple months ago) launched DotNetPays (  I launched this more for myself than anyone else but I figured some others might want access so I made it available online to anyone.

If you’re a freelancer you might have a hard time recouping payment for work you do sometimes.  Well DotNetPays gets referenced in your Global.asax and checks the server every once in a while.  If the client doesn’t pay, you can have a warning displayed on every page (floating div style) and if they still don’t pay you can shutdown the app altogether.  One nice feature is that after they DO pay, DotNetPays will create a license file so that the app is not forever dependant on DotNetPays servers.

I was actually really excited when I released this because I emailed Scott Hanselman ( and he twittered a short hey that’s cool response which ended up creating thousands of pageviews over the next day.  Obviously that died down (I guess not that many people actually found it useful or felt comfortable using it), but it seems that there are a couple users.  Anyway it’s a nifty little product for those types of clients.


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