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December 25, 2008

Windows Activation and the crimes against technophiles

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So I’ve been playing around with Linux recently, specifically Ubuntu 8.10.  It’s really cool and nifty but I just gotta get back to a Windows environment where everything is so much easier for me (uh oh, flames?).  But here’s an experience that really frustrated me about working with Microsoft:

I run a consulting business and I have an Action Pack subscription that entitles me, for $400/yr, to receive 5-10 licenses of just about every Microsoft software package I, as a programmer, could want.

I installed Vista Business in Ubuntu using VirtualBox (I gotta get work done while I play with Ubuntu — that means Windows), and was alerted to the fact that my Activation failed.  I spent the next 15 minutes on the phone with the Activation Hotline first inputting an enormous amount of digits and then explaining to some woman why I wanted to activate Windows.

I can understand that Microsoft wants to stop piracy.  I believe in free market capitalism and that they deserve the money they worked hard for despite being a large company.  However, I think that dishonest people will always find a way to be dishonest, and the honest folks shouldn’t suffer for it.  Especially as an Action Pack subscriber, you would think Microsoft would realise that I’m a technical guy and will probably reinstall this software a lot.  As a Microsoft programmer, I’m very important to Microsoft; I’m going to develop the next wave of Microsoft software.  So come on guys, give me a break!


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